Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What does it stands for ?

In this document we would highlight our Privacy Policy and our private recognizable data. We take the privacy of our website Information Process Solutions (IPS) very seriously as it defines our reputation. Through this policy we also show how we handle issues with another party.

Personal Data

We do not promote leaving of any personal information by any of our visitor on our website. There is no use for it here. It being present here can give a negative impact. We ask the visitors of Information Process Solutions (IPS) to not leave any personal insight here. We also condemn the visit of our website by underage individuals. They are requested to take permission of their guardian before visiting our website.

Server Data Log Files

All the information gathered for the servers is for our visitors. It should not be used for anything other than the improvement of understanding of the usage of our website. This information cannot point out visitors visiting our website. This information consist of IP address, browsers specifics, time stamps and referring pages but is not limited to these.

Advertisement Policy:

Our servers get all the latest news from Info-links, google AdSense and many others. For their privacy policies, our visitors must have to visit our website first for getting a detailed idea about our website. The information is supervised with regard to routine management and maintains requirements. Information Process Solutions (IPS) is all about new technological development to improve your business.

Sharing and Selling of Data:

We highly condemn the selling and buying of data to any party for any given reason. This means that our visitors don’t need to be worried about the linkage of their information. We would not sell any of your data. We respect your privacy and expect the same from you.

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