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IPS is committed to foster long lasting relationships by creating a proactive environment that encourages development of innovative ideas and artistry of creative online network applications.

Web application development

Our developers work to produce customized web apps for the clients to meet their business needs. We have mastered our delivery processes and workflows to keep up with the refashioning requirements and deadlines.Fault tolerance, data redundancy, scalability and test coverage which is the foundation of critical web development process is channeled at IPS. Now, build connections with people you can only reach electronically and grow your brand.

Mobile app development

From IOS to Android, or Windows or games to complex business processes; IPS develops all kinds of Mobile Apps solutions. Our team consists of highly skilled analysts, developers and UX experts cultured in building suitable apps for all platforms. We produce mobile apps which are both, multifunctional and successful. We work to bring human scale businesses to smart phone screens of your potential clients to make it a success globally.

Digital marketing

A marketing technique of today’s world which allows brand advertisement through display ads or social research enabling businesses to reach out to prime targeted audiences, assuring best ROI through a planned, high quality and creative ongoing social media campaign and optimization tactics.Digital marketing is frequently known to be the "most measurable medium ever". It gives your business direction, help you integrate and optimize it.

Cloud based Product Development

Our Cloud based Products help a client’s business to acquire triumph by consolidating accurate techniques and data deliver models. Our products include Database, Analytics, Networking, Management Tools, Developer Tools and much more. Through our products, the expenses back sliding a business are amended.
Our services enable an organization to grow faster. We are trusted by a broad range of enterprises to accelerate their workload which incorporates Mobile Apps, data procession, accounts, storage and much more.

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