3 steps to establish a call center outsourcing company

With the recent advancements in the field of information technology (IT), countless opportunities have been opened for the business entities to improve their business processes in order to save their cost and increasing overall productivity. With this approach, the trend of outsourcing non-core business activities to other business process outsourcing (BPO) companies has also been increased.

The best part is that the services of a BPOcompany are not limited to manage payroll and human resources, ensure quality assurance, and order processing but it also provides call center services. You will be amazed to know that nowadays almost all the big names in the world of business have outsourced their customer services to any BPO company.

How did I establish my call center outsourcing company?


Due to this popularity of customer service outsourcing company, I also planned to provide call center outsourcing services to other companies. As I was a beginner, so I decided to conduct online research regarding establishing a call center outsourcing company.

To my surprised, I did not have to put much effort into finding suitable information. Appropriate region-based guidelines were available online regarding the subject matter. I read them thoroughly and planned my activities accordingly.

Steps I followed to establish a call center outsourcing company

I followed the below-mentioned steps in order to establish my call center outsourcing company:

1. Type of call center services I wanted to offer


First of all, I decided what type of call center I would establish to make profits. I had three options in mind. I could make an inbound call center to take orders from the customers or reply to their queries. Secondly, I could make an outbound call center to sell products or services. The same type would work for conducting the surveys in order to analyze the product demand or brand image in the consumer market. Last but not the least, I could start up a telemarketing call center to advertise the key features of any product or service.

2. I wrote a business plan for my call center outsourcing company


Afterward, I decided to write a business plan by focusing on the type of call center I wanted to establish. Keep in mind that writing a business plan is always good, as it shows your determination and documents your expenses and expected profits.

3. How did I earn from call center services?

I decided to establish an inbound call center so I included projected sales, investment, equipment’s’ cost, manpower salaries, and other details in my business plan. I also considered the requirements that were mandatory to fulfill as per the state’s law in my business plan.

Once I knew what I wanted to do and how much budget I had in my hand then I purchased the equipment and contacted business entities for the project. Within a few weeks, I got a project to take orders telephonically. Accordingly, I hired the workforce and started providing call center services.

You will be surprised to know that in the first month, I took orders as I anticipated and achieved my targets. This was because I did it with a systematic approach. You can do the same and make money.

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