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What will the Packaging Design Trends be like in 2022?

As we bid adieu to 2021, we look toward the existing packaging design trends that come under the graphic design services to determine what is in store for us.

Looking back to the previous pandemic situation, packaging design trends are all about finding happiness and tranquility.

Cool, calm colors that make us feel relaxed and recall simpler times, mischievous characters that leave a smile on our faces, and y2k-inspired designs that are reminiscent or nostalgic are just a few trends that will be seen in packaging design this year. Not just in this industry, our web design or UI/UX services also go with these aesthetics.

A lot of designers who either work independently or with digital marketing services agencies plan to use these trends and put their twist on them.

Let’s take a look at them in a little more detail, shall we?

2022 Packaging Design Trends

  • The ‘60s Psychedelia
  • Text-Centric Designs
  • Color Mists
  • Mesmerizing and Memorable
  • Serenity in a Package
  • The Y2K Revival
  • Faux 3D
  • Earthy Textures and Raw Materials
  • Rubber Hose Characters

The ‘60s Psychedelia

The design of this sort is here to stay for a long time. That includes our favorite, the 60s psychedelics. The recent revival of this trend has done a contemporary take on this oldie but goodie, which reminds us of simpler times with love, freedom, and happiness. Things that we REALLY need nowadays in this world of terror and hopelessness.

The twisted typefaces, wavy designs, and popping colors give it a unique vibe that makes it special and groovy. And, graphic design services are here to incorporate them in all ways.

Text-Centric Designs

Photography and illustrations are indeed in the design industry. But we have gotten so used to them that we have forgotten about the text, an intricate art that can be a whole design in itself.

In this trend, the text is the star of the show. Other visual elements are put aside, and the uniqueness of the font and typefaces is allowed to shine through the packaging design.

A key thing to note is that this trend doesn’t focus on the readability of the text but rather on how artsy it looks and how much it can make a product stand out. The priority here is to make the text a kind of art piece that draws people in.

It plays on the minimalist aesthetic, the complete opposite of visually crowding a design and giving it a cleaner and sharper appearance. UI/UX design companies love this.

Color Mists

Adding color to an otherwise plain white design is nothing new. A twist on this is the colorful sprayed mist-like effect getting used on white packaging nowadays. It is a great way to catch people’s eye, which will immediately go to that pop of color and make the design seem tranquil.

This trend of color mists is all over Instagram nowadays, and it’s so mesmerizing that it is hard to understand how a designer can create such an effect.

While in packaging design, this trend is mixed with sans serif typography and simple. And the monochromatic designs bring out the sophistication of the mist effect.

Mesmerizing and Memorable

Packaging should be an experience that one gets to unwarp and be captivated by, which is the aim of 2022 graphic design trends.

All of us understand the feeling of opening a brand-new package. But imagine how great it would feel when the package itself was beautiful as well? We will never want to get rid of the box!

With millions of packages getting delivered every day, making the experience of receiving one enjoyable is even more vital than before.

Packaging or graphic designers have the job of bringing the thrill and excitement of shopping to your door so that you can become a regular consumer of the brand they design for.

It can be best described as a surprise, the minimally-designed package opening up to reveal the brightly popping interior. It excites us, and the brand’s name stays on our minds.

Serenity in a Package

The times are highly turbulent, and something that all of us are searching for is serenity. How wonderful would it be if we could find it in a package?

Well, as it turns out, we can! Muted, cool colors that give off a calming vibe, mixed with simple and clean typography make the best combination.

Graphic design services make it stand out by its gentleness, comforting essence, and minimal design that soothes the senses instead of agitating them. Whether it’s by making the package’s surface smooth and shiny or by adding texture to it for dimension and depth.

This need for something soothing is why things like ASMR have grown in popularity in the last two years, and now it has found a place in the 2022 packaging design trends.

The Y2K Revival

For those who don’t know, Y2K stands for the year 2000. It was a puzzling trend, an endearing little blip in the fashion and design worlds. And since every trend or fad recycles itself after 20 years, it is on the list of packaging design trends.

It was super popular between the mid-1990s and 2005 and was inspired by futuristic technology and 90s cyberpunk, as they were the main obsession then.

The irony is that at the start of the 2000s, we were obsessed with futurism, and now we have revived this old trend and are looking towards it to gain inspiration.

The packaging we have seen using this trend stands out by using geometric shapes with colors like pale blues, pinks, whites, and silvers.

Faux 3D

This innovative design practice brings a new depth to the design industry. The illusionary effect of Faux 3D is a great way to grab people’s attention, as the designs seem to jump off the surface.

Plus, it always warrants a second look because it is hard to measure the depth of the design, and we want to see if it really is like that or not.

And since Faux 3D is quite technical to create, it gives the impression that the creator is on top of the latest design trends and can implement them using the latest technology.

Earthy Textures and Raw Materials

Even though it should have always been a concern, thinking about the betterment of the planet is mainstream now. That is why textures that inspire thoughts of nature and have earthy tones are all the rage in 2022. They make people think about where their brand gets its materials and how they get consumed.

People are becoming more mindful about purchasing everyday products because of the environmental threat to our planet, giving sustainable packaging a chance to shine.

Plus, with the rapid changes in the industry for more ethical and long-lasting packaging, it has become a sign of showing your sustainable positioning among your competitors in the industry.

Rubber Hose Characters

Rubber hose animation was the first style to be standardized by the American animation industry, and it was popularized by animators such as Walt Disney and Bill Nolan.

With the revival of this style in recent years, creators are putting their spin on it and giving their characters highly exaggerated expressions by using elevated brushstrokes.

These characters are a favorite among people, especially those who buy products designed with them. Their cheeky mannerisms and adorable expressions leave a positive effect in their wake, leaving customers wanting more. And unlike the older versions of the characters, the ones in 2022 can be found drawn or styled with accessories like sneakers, hats, tattoos, etc., which helps bring a contemporary touch to them.


From what it looks like, 2022 packaging design trends are quite interesting. Old trends are getting used in new and never-before-seen ways, nostalgia is all over the place, and graphic design services are having a lot of fun coming up with unique methods to implement them while still maintaining the optimism people want from their products.

If you are looking to release a new product or repackage an old one, we at IPS USA can help. We have an incredible team of designers ready to design or repackage your product. Our digital marketing services are internationally renowned, and we would be delighted to work with you.