Best Custom Mobile Application Development Services Provider in the USA

Want to develop a mobile application, but have little or no technical skills? Or is it that you do have the know-how, but don’t have time? Or maybe time is not the issue, you can’t seem to find the right talent that you need in your team, and the project is way too big for you. If any of these is the case with you, you have found the perfect partner to place your trust in for your next project.

IPS USA is a renowned custom mobile application development company based in Ontario, CA. From design to development and testing, from app launch to marketing and app store optimization, we deliver superior quality and service throughout. Whether you want to create a native application for the various platforms or you want to develop a web-based or cross-platform mobile application, we have solutions for all your development needs. Here are some of the specialties that we excel in more specifically:

iOS App Development Services

Apple devices are still considered a prestige item, at least the latest models are. This makes apple phones and iPads among the most expensive brands in their specific markets. This means that Applications developed for Apple are sure to return higher revenue as compared to Android or other platforms. iOS – the iPhone’s operating system – is of closed-source nature. As a result, applications developed for iOS devices are usually native to iOS at least until a version is developed for other platforms. Its closed-source nature and a smaller user base make iOS the most secure platform on mobile.

Our highly skilled team has years of experience in developing iPhone/iPad apps for a multitude of organizations and professionals. We provide fully customized iOS application development services for generally targeting Apple devices like iPhones and iPad.

Android App Development Services

Powered by Google and supported by the Open Handset Alliance of over 84 high-tech companies, Android dominates the mobile operating system market with over 80 percent market share. With such a significant market share, there is no further justification needed for app development for Android users.

We have been developing Android applications for years for our fast-growing clientele. Our highly skilled designers, developers and project managers will help you throughout the development process; from designing to app store optimization. We promise to deliver you top-notch applications, on-time and at an affordable price.

Cross-Platform App Development Services

Developing native apps for one specific platform like Android, iOS, Windows or others may be advantageous initially. However, once a company decides to increase its reach to other markets, app development often has to be almost redone from scratch. A solution to this problem may be to build applications that can run on all major mobile operating systems.

Based on our experience of developing native applications for both Android and iOS and their various versions, we are capable of developing applications that are generic and can be run efficiently on multiple platforms with little or no alterations.

Our Expertise

IPS USA is a custom mobile application development company that values talent and diversity. Our recruitment and selection department ensures that we have experts that cover the latest and most crucial expertise to be able to handle all kinds of development needs. Our experts only use the latest versions of the officially recognized developing tools such as the Google Studio and the X-Code for native app development. For cross-platform app development, we can use all major platforms like React Native, Xamrin, Iconic and Flutter.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose IPS USA for your next application development project because of:

  • Custom Android, iPhone, Tablet, or Cross-Platform application development;
  • The use of a client-centered approach, where we ensure that the client requirements are crystal clear right from the beginning;
  • Highest quality standards delivered on-time according to the budgetary requirements;
  • Mobile App development that caters to both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) requirements;
  • Guarantee of development that does not infringe upon intellectual property rights.
  • App testing, error correction, and maintenance;
  • Integration with cloud computing services;
  • App store submission, certification, and optimization;
  • App Porting from Android to iOS and vice Versa;
  • App scalability for increased traffic, user base, and functionality requirements;
  • Full digital marketing support for promotion.

IPS USA is the best mobile app development company in the USA. You can reach us via email at or through our helpline number:1-909-245-6251