Quality Assurance

Information Process Solutions (IPS) delivers Quality Assurance (QA) services to ensure best results in every project we are a part of. We offer QA testing services in various departments such as software, websites and mobiles.

Automated Test

This testing is performed by us without any humanly interventions. The experts at IPS design and develop Quality Assurance programs which initiate the process of testing, increase the overall work efficiency and notify errors which come their way.

Functional Test

We use this testing to ensure the product quality. Our experts make sure that the final product meets the specifications and functional details our clients opt for. IPS delivers the product which aligns perfectly with your business strategies and demands.

Stress Test

We make sure that your product would remain stable under stressful circumstances and work hard so that it may not be affected my simultaneous uploads, high traffic, and high usage.

Usability Test

We takes the user’s cut in account while testing a product. We collect all the important feedback about user friendly and efficient is the system. This is the most important thing in gaining the client’s confidence.

Compatibility Test

Our experts run this test to check the compatibility of the final product with different hardware and software.