Software Development Is More than Just an Individual Phase

Information Process Solutions – IPS USA offers a complete range of custom web development services.  Whether you want to start an e-commerce business or develop a custom program, we will get you there with years of experience under our belt. Talk about a huge array of business domains to choose from, the right URL turns your business into a search engine friendly machine. Finally, yet importantly, we select the most suitable domain (website address) for your business. Generally, the shorter the URL, the easier it is to perform digital marketing on it. However, that is not the only befitting attribute to the proposition.

Doesn’t matter if you are a small startup business or a huge enterprise, we are here to assist you on every level of software development, web app development, and mobile app development.

And, we don’t just stop there; services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) are there to take your business to a known level. A level beyond anonymity or isolation! Once you reach there, customers start pouring in and this is what you call organic traffic.

Not only does your business ranks on top of Google search results for industry-specific keywords but our digital marketing service in the US follows the latest techniques to get clients for you.

We walk you through all the process starting from initialization of business analysis to the final product development and deployment.

Our products could meet users’ diverse needs by being different from the typical software solutions. Contact us to get a custom product which would win you more customers –

PPC services in the US become customer-friendly when the rates are pocket-friendly and the team gets along. Intelligence, hard work and wit make us unique and help the cause of selling our services. When you have the skills and sense of humor, the final product is nothing less than ‘highly agreeable’.


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Modern Software Development & Product Management – A Dream Come True for Businesses

We believe in rapid solutions and build complex applications by keeping up with the changing requirements of customers’ businesses. The current times require us to stay on edge. Markets are vibrant enough to change the scheme of things within a short period. Similarly, digital marketing trends in 2019 differ from those in 2018.

Key to software development is to stay intuitive and well informed of every aspect before, during and after the development phase.

Furthermore, we maintain the quality of our products through a continuous quality assurance process. Rigorous testing allows debugging and efficient removal of coding errors. In the meantime, thrifty solutions are one of the trademarks of the organization unless we are told to go beyond budget limits.

Ease of Use

The experts at IPS USA work hard to make your software straightforward, intuitive and maneuverable. To create the best user experience, we pay attention to all the minor details in software development.

The UI/UX plays ultimate significance at the end of the development phase. Until you are comfortable with the product, we work alongside you and only consider the job done after you are satisfied. The user-friendly interface doesn’t only benefit the immediate audience but also the SEO service executives to market the product.

Best Product Quality

Our quality assurance and testing experts are fully equipped to build a front-running product. We go beyond the phase of testing through hit & trial and QA automation. It enables us to deliver better and faster results.

IPR Protection

At IPS USA, we realize the importance of Intellectual Property Protection (IPR). What we design and implement for you in your project becomes your property and you only have the rights to it. At the completion of a project, our clients would be the sole owner of every chunk of code, module, slogan, API, and credentials used in their business application.

Product Guarantees

We make sure that the project completes on time without any unusual delays. The customer’s first opinion matters to us more than anything we hold dear in our professional lives. 2019 is yet again the year of the customer; therefore, if you are happy we are happy.

Software development stays in the budget by adding a clause in the contract about it. We also designate a month of warranty period to fix any glitches which might surface up after the product goes live.

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