5 Skills that Experts Say You Should Learn in 2020

The lockdown has led to the highest unemployment rate in the history of the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that around 16.3% of the Americans are unemployed. Many workers including in the BPO service provider industry are hopeful about resuming their professions or jobs after the lockdown ends. However, there are many people that have to look for new opportunities to earn bread and butter. For it, they might have to learn some new skills as well. There are unlimited useful skills like digital marketing Services, SEO, and web development that businesses and BPO services require from the people in their talent hunt. However, today…


6 Activities to Help Deal with Anxiety While COVID-19 Quarantine

We all are staying inside our houses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s be honest, we are bored and some of us might be going crazy literally (the extrovert types). From BPO service providers, entrepreneurs, to call center outsourcing companies, almost everyone from the business community is working from homes. We human beings are not designed to be stagnant. Constant routines bore us and staying at one place day and night is opposite to our basic instincts. In a parallel happy world, we all would be going out, doing chores, hanging out, and enjoying small things like going on a walk. But, the reality is we’re going through…


Why Is It A Good Idea to Outsource SEO Services in America?

In this article, I am going to disclose a few reasons to outsource SEO services in America. SEO, as some of you may know, means search engine optimization, a general term we use to discuss website rankings in Google. Now, that the year 2019 has almost ended, we are staring right in the eyes of 2020. The New Year demands a good SEO strategy for your business online, whether you are ready for it or you have nothing to do with it. As a local SEO company in the US, we follow certain principles. One of them is to solidify our client’s true worth in the virtual world…


4 Ideas You Have Never Thought of to Increase Work Productivity

Some business owners complain that despite having talented individuals, the productivity level is not up to the mark. This is because maybe their employees are not as happy as they seem. For Instance, the environment at BPO companies is often stressful, and their employees are stressed out. Business owners may not believe this, but employees’ happiness has a direct impact on their productivity. With the implication of just simple things, the overall work environment can be changed to produce more quality work within lesser time. Here are a few things to maximize employees’ productivity. 1. Work on a Plan   It is not necessary that an individual work…

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What to Do When a Business Needs To Cut Down Cost?

BPO services provide a base for cost-effective business solutions. Depending upon the need of the enterprise, offshore outsourcing is the best answer to keep the budget within reach. What is offshore outsourcing? When a company running in one country asks for business expertise from a company working in another country, it is called offshore outsourcing. Due to financial value for a specific task, businesses attract more towards these BPO services. Money is the Major Cause of Outsourcing Money holds the primary position among all the success factors in business. Getting services from low-cost countries cut down a huge portion of expenses. It doesn’t mean that businesses have to…


4 BPO Trends to Rule the Outsourcing Industry in 2019

Modern businesses have entered into an era, where everything is BPO related. The way, businesses operate has changed drastically with outsourcing. Competition has become fierce, and the collaborative environment needs to generate better results. Thus, BPO service providers can’t take their jobs casually. They have the responsibility of conducting successful non-core operations with efficient use of resources. Customer relationship management is the key and the professional delivery of services strengths it. Failing to meet the required criteria is not an option, as modern businesses can’t bear that loss. Thus, BPO needs to develop with modern digital times. Given below are top 4 trends of business process outsourcing that…