4 Signs of Lack of Communication While Working from Home

Nearly the whole world is working from home as we speak. We all must know someone who is working from home in these months of lockdown and self-quarantine. When in a remote setup, productivity has to remain in check to keep up with the tasks, in the same manner, they used to occur before the coronavirus pandemic. The first challenge that everyone faces is the absence of a face or human being next to them in a remote setup. You can’t see them in real; they are faces that you see speaking virtually to you every couple of hours. That does add to the confusion when we are…


How to Manage Your Social Media Amidst COVID-19?

Ever thought of revisiting your social media strategy amidst the crisis? It has crossed the minds of many because the outbreak is unlike anything we have seen since World War II, one of the popular views in the global arena. In the words of Governor New York, Andrew Cuomo, and I am paraphrasing it, 9/11 was nothing as compared to what damage this virus has caused us. The virus has brought countries like the United States and other developed countries with established safety nets down to the knees. However, there is no point in giving up, but to have our feet on the ground and fight on. When…


3 Reasons Why Businesses Must Use Google AdWords

There is nothing worse than fewer phone calls, negligible online orders, and people rarely filling the contact forms on landing pages. It is the worst feeling for business owners, and I can well imagine the trauma they cause to digital marketers. AdWords, in this scenario, is a change to the status quo. It comes to the rescue of both the CEOs and digital marketers, and most of the times it is what gives them the strength to move on. However, SEO services focus on creating an impact organically through SEO before moving on to paid ads. Online marketing in 2020 is a dynamic duo of SEO and paid…


Top 3 Types of Content that Get the Most Attention

In SEO terms when we talk about attention, it means getting backlinks from reputable sites. Backlinks are the most practiced way to get organic traffic for startups and small businesses. More sites linking to a landing page means higher rankings in the long-term. SEO services in the USA are unable to function to full effect if the backlinks lack quality. The discussion brings us to our next question. How do we get quality backlinks?   We can easily pay a handful of low-quality websites and ask them to link to us but the practice won’t get us anything in return. Instead, it will hurt our rankings permanently. Google,…


Top 3 SEO Plugins for Optimization of a Website on WordPress

SEO plugins come highly recommended when you aim to rank your WordPress website on Google or any other search engine. If you haven’t thought of such methods, it is never too late to implement plugins to rank higher in Google. Even if you have laid down the proper groundwork, these plugins work parallel with your current digital marketing strategy and SEO services. What is a WordPress Framework? WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to build websites in addition to hosting them. It works alongside a set of plugins and templates to customize a certain website according to the business. In simple words, a website…


SEO Strategies that can Work Wonders for Small-budgets

Businesses owe big time to SEO. Without SEO specialists, who would know about your website, ads, or blogs? Small business owners or minnows get overwhelmed by this concept especially when they have a restricting budget. They have to plan each step and have a specific budget for a marketing campaign. They are unable to spend big on digital marketing services in the USA. For concerning small owners, this article may serve as a light at the end of the tunnel. Follow four easy and cost-effective tricks to rep-up your SEO strategy without being heavy on the pocket. These strategies may not dilute the yearly work of well-established enterprises…


What Is Behavioral Targeting, Really?

Digital marketing services in the US support business entities across the web. The purpose is to promote products and/or services to the right buyers, in other words, the target audience. It is not easy to show your content to people online and requires constant and continuous efforts. Whoever believes in the proposition of winning customers overnight is either too ambitious or simply delusional.  It does not happen overnight. SEO is a part of the digital structure that leads to the ultimate success of a website in a search engine. Google updates ranking factors every now and then. Therefore, it is imperative to stay updated. They are guidelines for…